Intro to Clojure

Dates: November 14-15th, 9 am - 5 pm (2 days)
Instructors: David Chelimsky (@dchelimsky), Craig Andera (@craigandera)
Price: $300 (includes lunch both days)

This course is intended for new Clojure developers with some programming experience in another language. Sessions will include a mixture of lecture and hands-on guided labs.

The goal of the course is to achieve a thorough understanding of the basics of Clojure syntax and usage. Topics will include the Clojure syntax and evaluation model, collections, sequences, functions, flow control, namespaces, records, protocols, multimethods, state, and concurrency.

The course covers two full days (Sat Nov 14 and Sun Nov 15, 9-5 pm) and includes lunch, snacks, and beverages both days (all other meals on your own). Wifi and power will be provided. Attendees are expected to bring a laptop - instructions will be sent later on workshop setup.

Datomic Conf

Dates: November 15th, 9 am - 5 pm (all day)
Price: $40

Datomic Conf is a 1-day symposium covering the theory, architecture, and practical applications of Datomic, presented by the Datomic team. Sessions will be suitable for both current users of Datomic and those looking to learn more about it.

Property-based Testing With test.check

Dates: November 15th, 3 pm - 5 pm (2 hrs)
Instructor: Gary Fredericks (@gfredericks_)
Price: $150

test.check is a Clojure property-based testing tool inspired by QuickCheck. The core idea of test.check is that instead of enumerating expected input and output for unit tests, you write properties about your functions that should hold true for all inputs. This workshop will cover the use of data generators to create random input data, the definition of properties, how shrinking works, and advanced property modeling techniques.